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Category: Natural remedies

Tea Tree Oil for puncture wounds

At 4 this morning I was rudely awakened by my cat bounding over to the window to check out the sounds of a cat fight in the neighborhood. Most unfortunately, my face happened to be in the way. I received two small puncture wounds on my lip line from her haste. Immediately, I went into […]

De-chlorinated Water

This weekend my handy husband installed a de-chlorinating water filter that covers the entire house. He spliced it in where the water supply enters the house, which was exactly what I wanted, since I’m most concerned about the bathtubs and showers. After much research, the best one he found was a Kenmore from Sears with […]

Hayfever remedies

Spring has sprung here in the Queen City of the Plains. The trees are blooming beautifully, and right on cue, I’m sneezing uncontrollably. It’s that unbearable tickle inside the nose or the back of the throat, the itchy eyes, the foggy thought processes… Yep. Hayfever season has begun. In my arsenal against hayfever, I employ […]

Castor Oil Packs for Bursitis

My mother has been complaining mightily about the pain caused by the bursitis in her hip joint. For nearly three months she hasn’t had a pain-free night and during the days has had difficulty walking. I suggested she do a castor oil pack on the hip. So yesterday, she bought some castor oil and soaked […]

Ear ache

My children’s preschool teacher’s 9-year old daughter had an earache the other day. Since pediatricians are known to over-prescribe antibiotics for ear aches, I suggested she try to battle the virus first, then head to the doctor if there was no improvement. After all, antibiotics won’t kick a virus, only a bacteria. And most ear […]