Ear ache

My children’s preschool teacher’s 9-year old daughter had an earache the other day. Since pediatricians are known to over-prescribe antibiotics for Similasan Ear Ache Reliefear aches, I suggested she try to battle the virus first, then head to the doctor if there was no improvement.

After all, antibiotics won’t kick a virus, only a bacteria. And most ear aches are viral infections.

I suggested she prepare some garlic tea as an infection fighter and use some Similasan homeopathic ear drops to manage the pain. I find Similasan near the ear wax candles and contact lense solutions in my regular grocery store (King Soopers).

She could also benefit from 4 tablets of homeopathic Aconite under the tongue. Aconite is a great virus fighter and should always be taken at the first sign of a cold.

If the pain is still too much, a dose of Tylenol would not be out of the question. Ear pain can be absolutely unbearable.

The next day the child felt well enough to return to school — without unnecessary antibiotics.

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