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Category: Natural remedies

Eucalyptus oil cures a cough

My friend Amanda mentioned to me yesterday that putting the essential oil of eucalyptus on the soles of your feet will calm a cough. She says you can also use Vic’s Vapor Rub, but of course that is a petroleum product and avoided if possible. Best to stick with essential oils, if you can. As […]

Vitamin D and Sunshine

Here’s a synopsis of an article from the Providence Journal: Let the Sun Shine In With constant warnings about wearing sunscreen to protect against skin cancer, Americans are being hurt in an unexpected area: nutrition. 60% of us (180 million Americans) aren’t getting enough vitamin D, say The Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention. It’s […]


Both of my kids came down with chickenpox in January. Well, you might be thinking, that what you get for being a nature hippie and not getting the vaccine. But you’re wrong. In fact, I do believe in vaccines and both my kids had received the chickenpox vaccination on schedule. It turns out that the […]

Kids’ cough medicines off the market

Earlier in January, the “recommendation” to avoid using over-the-counter cold medications for children under two became an outright ban. Concerned parents are pushing even further, to extend the ban for kids under 6. It seems something like 6,000 kids visit emergency rooms every year from overdosing on cough syrup, decongestants, and other common cold medicines. […]

Kick a Cough — Homeopathic Pulsatilla

On Monday night I was woken up repeatedly by coughing — my own. At 4am, my husband kicked me out of bed so he could get some sleep before going to work. It was an infrequent dry cough during the day that got wetter at night and came in spurts, where I would cough almost […]