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Category: Natural remedies

Water in the Morning

Welcome to my Effortless Eating Weight Loss plan! As promised, every Monday I’ll post another effortless weight loss strategy that can help you on your way to losing weight. Personally, I believe that many people struggle with their weight because they look at life and eating as an all-or-nothing deal. Either you’re “on” a diet […]

Dad’s cough suppressant

My father the neurologist has prepared this never-fail cough suppressant for us ever since I can remember. It works better than any over-the-counter medication and doesn’t have the nasty side-effects associated with them, or the dangers of overdosing seen with children’s cough medicines. Take it before bed to suppress the cough and allow for sleep. […]

Weleda Baby Care

I love to put together a basket of my favorite things for new parents. I burn mixed cds of fun and relaxing kids music (yes, I was one of those people in college who loved to make mixed cassette tapes for friends! It’s just so much easier with iTunes now.), toss in some organic baby […]

Naturally Healthy Kids

Hands down, the best primary resource I look to when I start assessing my kids’ health is the handbook published by our pediatric group. Naturally Healthy Kids is an A to Z guide for illness and wellness that integrates conventional and holistic treatments for common illnesses of children.  Written by a group of pediatricians with an avoidance toward […]

Kick a Cold – Vitamins

To wrap up the Kick a Cold series, we must talk a little about vitamins. We’re not going to spend a lot of time talking about vitamins, because for the most part I don’t believe in supplements (heresy, I know!) but would prefer to get my vitamins through the whole foods I eat. One thing […]