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Category: Recommended Products

Clear Lungs and Sinus Naturally with a Nebulizer

Got a lingering cough that just won’t go away? Can’t breathe through your nose? Or even a wet, croupy cough with episodes of violent coughing that you can’t seem to stop? Try using a nebulizer and witness the healing magic of steam. I have become a huge fan of my little nebulizer and am not […]

Avoid Osteoporosis by Eating Prunes

A new study suggests daily prune consumption may reduce osteoporosis risk after menopause due to the phenomenal mineral content in prunes. An estimated 13.6 million people in the U.S. over the age of 50 will develop osteoporosis—a loss of bone strength caused by reduced mineral density of the bones—by the year 2030. Osteoporosis increases the […]

Katinka’s Awesome Gluten-Free Grain-Free Chickpea Bread

One of the bummers about having to avoid eating wheat due to what it does to my body is giving up bread. Fortunately, my friend Katinka has come up with a delicious solution for the rest of us! Whoever said that bread is the staff of life certainly understood how biting off a hunk of […]

Remedies for Healing Broken Bones

My holiday weekend plans went awry when I stepped halfway off a curb while walking the dog. My toes went one way while my heel went the other, and I went down. My kids like to say that gravity is not my friend. And just that fast, I had an avulsion fracture of the fifth […]

How to Heal from Surgery Naturally

Reader question: “My question is ….. i had done labiaplasty last week. i am not fully recover still my stitches bleed and little bit pain. can i use apple cider vinegar for healing.” ~Xara C., Karachi, Sindh Hi Xara! Ouch! Luckily, regardless of where the surgery occurred on the body, there are some natural remedies […]