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Category: Allergy-free Foods

Gluten-free Apple Cake with Coconut Flour

I’ve been obsessed with perfecting this apple cake recipe this month in order to satisfy my 80-year old mother’s insatiable sweet tooth. I always suggest to my clients to do some baking while they are following any type of dietary restrictions because having baked goods can go a long way toward not feeling deprived. While […]

Genetically Modified Meat Ok’d for Sale in US

Consumer Alert: More FrankenFoods are headed to our grocery stores; this time it’s genetically-modified cows!   This week, US regulators cleared modified beef ‘meats’ for sale to the American public. The DNA of the cows is altered to give them extremely short, slick coats to better withstand hot weather.   The industry’s arguments: A comfortable […]

Katinka’s Awesome Gluten-Free Grain-Free Chickpea Bread

One of the bummers about having to avoid eating wheat due to what it does to my body is giving up bread. Fortunately, my friend Katinka has come up with a delicious solution for the rest of us! Whoever said that bread is the staff of life certainly understood how biting off a hunk of […]

Miyoko’s Vegan Cream Cheese from Cashews and Coconut Cream

If you are living dairy-free, it can be hard to find a good, satisfying cream cheese, so I was thrilled to discover Miyoko’s Plainly Classic Vegan Cream Cheese. A little tangy, smooth and spreadable, it’s seriously yummy. Made from cashews and coconut cream, it’s a safe option for many people on restricted diets, or following […]

Spelt Bread Recipe for a Bread Machine

Do you have a bread machine lying around but don’t make bread anymore because you’re avoiding wheat? My husband brought his bread maker into our marriage in 1999, and in the early years we often made delicious fresh bread. But after my son’s 2009 MRT results showed that he was sensitive to wheat, I tried a number of […]