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Category: food sensitivities

Are Thyroid Issues Related to Inflammation?

Reader Question: Have other hypothyroid / Hashimoto’s people done your protocols and seen improvements in their symptoms? Answer: Yes! You may want to listen to this Thyroid Answers podcast where I talk a lot about thyroid issues with Dr. Eric Balcavage, or this episode of Save My Thyroid with Dr. Eric Osansky. I believe that […]

Genetically Modified Meat Ok’d for Sale in US

Consumer Alert: More FrankenFoods are headed to our grocery stores; this time it’s genetically-modified cows!   This week, US regulators cleared modified beef ‘meats’ for sale to the American public. The DNA of the cows is altered to give them extremely short, slick coats to better withstand hot weather.   The industry’s arguments: A comfortable […]

Inflammation Investigator Testimonial from Kim Emerson

MY TESTIMONY by Kim Emerson My health journey with Elizabeth Yarnell began a year ago, in January 2021. I spent the previous three years recovering from a severe case of Shingles that seemed to trigger an unstable, erratic nerve response, ongoing gut issues, fatigue, as well as undetermined skin irritations/hives. It was then, with my […]

Could MS come from Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)?

Longitudinal analysis reveals high prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus associated with multiple sclerosis. Sound exciting? All of us living with MS, our caregivers, doctors, and researchers, would love to understand why some people become afflicted with multiple sclerosis while others don’t. Most people who become infected with EBV do not progress to MS. Of the ten […]

What If It’s Not Depression? What If It’s Inflammation?

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Achina Stein, a functional medicine psychiatrist, for her Vodcast, What If It’s Not Depression?  A “functional medicine psychiatrist”?! This means that she is a serious mental health professional who understands how our physical health affects our mental health, and explores  She has a book by the same name on […]