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Category: Natural remedies

Colic Cure: Clove Tea

My good friend Stephanie’s two-month old baby boy has some fierce gas going on, poor child. Because Stephanie’s older son has a number of severe food allergies, she is nursing exclusively and herself is on a highly restricted diet: no wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, seafood… and maybe more that I’m forgetting. Yet the baby still […]

Allergies and Sinus Rinse

I’m always heartened to see when the mainstream medical profession embraces non-drug-related remedies for health issues. Did you catch Dr. Tedd Mitchell’s HealthSmart column in the March 21 issue of USA Weekend where he wrote about alleviating allergies by using sinus rinse systems? I’m a big fan of using Sinus Rinse to help manage my […]

Singulair and Suicide: Cure Asthma with Natural Foods and Products

Just wanted to be sure everyone who needs to know has heard about the possible link between the asthma drug Singulair and suicide. Asthma can often be an effect of hidden food allergies: an elimination diet with gradual reintroduction of foods can often show where the culprits lie. Sometimes the allergy is to vapors or […]

Your skin: the largest organ

One of my friends raved to me about a certain national brand of lotion a couple years ago. “You should try it,” she gushed. When I pointed out to her that it contained a petroleum product and I didn’t use petroleum products on my skin, her response was, “What’s so bad about using petroleum products?” […]

The B.R.A.T. anti-diarreah diet

The stomach bug my son had a week or so ago made its way to my daughter. Whereas he started off with vomiting (he’s the champion vomiter in our house — will puke at the drop of a hat) and moved into diarreah, she kicked it off with a series of explosive poops. “Are you […]