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Category: Uncategorized

Looking to up your bone density?

Have you ever been concerned about your bone density? Maybe you’ve tried increasing your intake of calcium or vitamin D. Maybe you’ve added more weight-bearing exercise to your daily routine. Maybe you’ve even upped the amount of leafy greens in your diet. While these are all good steps to take, Osteostrong is a new kind […]

Pesto Chicken Pasta Recipe Video

I’m excited to share this new Glorious One-Pot Meals recipe that shows just how easy it can be to create nutritious and delicious meals right out of your freezer or pantry! Be sure to visit to get my Ultimate Checklist for Stocking Your Freezer & Pantry!

How Can I Stay Healthy This Winter?

Reader question: I have had one flu shot as an adult, and got the flu twice that year. I work at a college, and am exposed to hundreds of (sick, young) people 5 days a week! I do my utmost to stay healthy, but last year I got REALLY sick several times (also family crisis […]

Pure, Clean, and Trusted Vitamins: Back2Health

When I look for clean supplements from a trusted source, I find them at Back2Health. European Extracts vs. Chinese Ingredients Unlike many supplements where the ingredients come from murky Chinese sources, Back2Health uses European extracts created using strict extraction methodologies and tests each ingredients for identity, strength, purity, and composition in their FDA-certified in-house laboratory in Southern California […]

Mitochondria and MS

In the continuing quest to discover the cause of multiple sclerosis, some researchers are looking at a new source: our mitochondria. Mitochondria are the structures in our cells that create energy for our body. Researchers at the Universities of Exeter and Alberta have noticed that MS patients have a lot of a protein called RAB32 and, when there […]