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De-chlorinated Water

Sears Kenmore Whole House Water FilterThis weekend my handy husband installed a de-chlorinating water filter that covers the entire house. He spliced it in where the water supply enters the house, which was exactly what I wanted, since I’m most concerned about the bathtubs and showers. After much research, the best one he found was a Kenmore from Sears with the Taste and Odor filter insert.

Our municipal water supplies are heavily chlorinated to kill off pathogens and keep us healthy. Our bodies, however, don’t really do well with chlorine or other halogen atoms (floride, bromide), and when I came back from my Natural Health Professional certification course (CNHP — yep, I’ve got some new letters after my name!) earlier this month, I got the bee in my bonnet to clear the chlorine out of our house.

Brita water pitcherWe were already removing the chlorine from our drinking water with a variety of filters from the Brita Water Pitcher on the counter to the filter cartridge in the refrigerator door to the Nikken filter next to the kitchen sink, but the bathrooms were still a problem.

Although chlorine will evaporate from standing water, when that water is hot, like in a steamy shower, the chlorine becomes vapors, which you then inhale and basically steep in during a long shower. I knew already that when I filled up the tub for the kids’ baths, the room smelled like the public pool. It’s one thing to swim in COLD chlorinated water; it’s another to breathe in the hot fumes daily.

It’s amazing the difference I can see in our water quality from the tap! It looks clear and smells clean. I’m happy and relieved.

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  1. Hi Jill,

    I went ahead and added the links to the exact model filters to the post on de-chlorinated water.

    Thanks for reading!

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