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Category: Misc.

Subscribing to My Blog, “Effortless Eating”

Hello friends and fans of my blog! You may have noticed that I went dark for a while at the end of 2020. In fact, there was even a month or so where my whole website was down and inaccessible, something that hadn’t happened since I first launched a website at in 1993! The […]

Positive Youth Development: A new model of youth reform

For too long we have treated wayward youth as pariahs, handicapping their chances for becoming contributing members of society ever afterward. My husband, Dr. Edward Cope, works with an amazing program called Rite of Passage that is doing brilliant work with adjudicated youth and offering us all hope for the future. Check out his recent […]

New web site, new credential, upcoming TED Talk, and more…

So much has been going on in my life and career lately that I am overdue with updating my readers and followers with exciting news and upcoming events. This coming weekend I’m honored to be giving a TED talk at TEDx Colorado Springs. TED is a non-profit devoted to sharing ideas through short, powerful talks by expert speakers. […]

Chlorinated Swimming Pool Dangers; The Saltwater Alternative

ABC World News Tonight reported on May 30, 2014, about the dangers of chlorine-based swimming pools. The problems come from the chemicals mixed into the water to keep it sanitary. Hydrochloric acid should be added to pool water near the surface at least a day before swimming in it and well-circulated  to be rendered safe, […]

Parasites Cause Obesity, Mental Illness, Autoimmunity, and More

I am a firm believer that hidden parasitic infection is at the root of many if not most chronic ailments, and now a study has just been released showing a link between parasites and obesity. Researchers at several universities around the world teamed up to examine the incidence of obesity with the presence of the […]