Castor Oil Packs for Bursitis

My mother has been complaining mightily about the pain caused by the bursitis in her hip joint. For nearly three months she hasn’t had a pain-free night and during the days has had difficulty walking.

I suggested she do a castor oil pack on the hip. So yesterday, she bought some castor oil and soaked a flannel or small rag with it. Then she placed it on the hip and the sciatic nerve and wrapped plastic wrap around her body to hold it in place and keep it from leaking. For 30-40 minutes she lay with a heating pad on top of the castor oil pack. She did this two separate times during the day.

This morning she called me excitedly. “I slept through the night because I had no pain in my hip!” she exclaimed. Today she feels pain-free for the first time in months. “Will it last?” she wondered.

I don’t know how long it will last, but castor oil packs are great for pulling out inflammation and the toxicity that occurs when fluid builds up where it shouldn’t in the body. Her physical therapist is addressing the cause of the bursitis, but she can now find relief with the castor oil packs and cut down on the Advil. I’m very pleased for her.

Castor oil, of course, has many other uses: a dietary aid, a laxative, etc. It’s an old-fashioned remedy that still has value today.

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