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Category: Glorious One-Pot Meals

Can Glorious One-Pot Meals Cook at 400 Degrees?

Reader question: Dear Elizabeth, I am glad to have a copy of Glorious One-Pot Meals (I saw a copy at my library, and bought my own copy). Here is my question:  I understand that the whole point is to cook the meal at 450 but if that isn’t possible, and I can’t go above, say, […]

How Many Veggies In a Glorious One-Pot Meal?

Reader question: Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your talk last week at the over 50 summit. I’m a BLE eater and just purchased yr cookbook. We eat a lot of veggies. Can we double the veggies in yr recipes and expect a good outcome? Thx so much. ~ Mary V. Hi Mary! I’m thrilled to […]

Glorious One-Pot Meals on Stove

Reader question: Dear Elizabeth, Please help me! I am a happy and retired grandfather, and my wife and I watch our one-year-old grandson every day. One day a week I make dinner for them. I usually make chili, given my limited cooking skills. I have your book, Glorious One Pot Meals, and I want to […]

Plant-Based Eating? What Does That Really Mean?

Doesn’t “plant-based eating” really mean “following a whole foods-based diet”? That’s the argument I made recently as a guest on “The Lisa Show” on BYUradio. In a nutshell, all life on this planet comes from the sun. The sun shines down on plants, the plants photosynthesize and grow, people and animals eat the plants and […]

Meal Prep on BYU Radio

Recently, the hosts of “The Lisa Show” on BYU Radio (yes, it’s out of Brigham Young University) chatted with me about easy meal prep for healthier meals. Click below to tune into this quick ten-minute segment to pick up some great tips to up your eating game!