Hayfever remedies

Spring has sprung here in the Queen City of the Plains. The trees are blooming beautifully, and right on cue, I’m sneezing uncontrollably.

It’s that unbearable tickle inside the nose or the back of the throat, the itchy eyes, the foggy thought processes… Yep. Hayfever season has begun.

In my arsenal against hayfever, I employ a variety of methods. At the foundation, is, you guessed it, Sinus Rinse. This clears away the allergen particles so they can’t bother me. Always at night, to clean out the debris from the day, but sometimes during the day as well, depending on how I’m suffering.

Ionic Air PurifierMy house remains a sanctuary with the help of two Sharper Image Quadra Ionic air purifiers. Yes, I know, Consumer Reports has asserted that these expensive things are worthless. All I can say is that there is a HUGE difference for me during hayfever season if we have them turned on. It means that I can sit in my house and not reach for a tissue every 5 minutes. When I find myself sneezing over and over in the house, that’s when I make my husband wipe off the collection blades and refresh the machine. (yeah, that’s his job. Why? Because I have other jobs, like the laundry, food shopping, meal prep, etc.)

So, this is the one time that I can think of where I strenuously disagree with Consumer Reports. Our air purifiers definitely work and make a difference in the air quality in our house. As such, they make a huge difference in my life. We think they’ve been worth every penny.

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