Naturally Healthy Kids

Hands down, the best primary resource I look to when I start assessing my kids’ health is the handbook published by our pediatric group. Naturally Healthy Kids is an A to Z guide for illness and wellness that integrates conventional and holistic treatments for common illnesses of children.  naturally-healthy-kids.jpgWritten by a group of pediatricians with an avoidance toward overmedicating and an understanding of effective holistic alternatives to Western medicine, it’s an essential resource in our house and a gift I like to give other parents. Usually the first book I turn to when faced with ailments from pinkeye to croup, it helps me identify problems and initiate actions to promote healing and offer comfort. Each ailment or symptom is described and defined with clear indications as to acuteness, expected course, contagiousness, home care and integrated therapies including homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, herbs, or over-the-counter medications and dosages.  A fantastic resource that I haven’t found anywhere else, I highly recommend this book and believe it’s a great addition to households looking for alternatives to drugs as the answer to every sniffle but don’t want to dismiss allopathic (Western) medicine outright.Please mention that I recommended it if you purchase! 

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