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I love to put together a basket of my favorite things for new parents. I burn mixed cds of fun and relaxing kids music (yes, I was one of those people in college who loved to make mixed cassette tapes for friends! It’s just so much easier with iTunes now.), toss in some organic baby shampoo, and load it with my favorite products for the sensitive baby bottom: Weleda Diaper Care and Weleda Calendula creme.

Your skin is your largest organ and a baby’s skin is fresh and new, so the last thing I want to do is clog it up with petroleum-based products that interfere with cellular respiration. I can’t stand traditional diaper cremes (like Desitin) that are full of artificial, pore-clogging ingredients. Dr. Mercola, one of the nation’s leading natural health authorities, talks about the dangers of using petroleum-based skin care products on your baby here.

calendulababycream.jpgWeleda is an Australian company and I love their products. Calendula is a soothing herb for skin inflammation, and I found the Waleda Calendula cream to be a miracle product for making red, sensitive bottoms feel better. I also use it on bug bites, itchy scabs, raw upper lips from runny noses, and other skin irritations with unbroken skin.

weledadiapercare.jpgWhen a physical barrier against wetness is needed to stop or prevent diaper rash, I reached for the Weleda Diaper Care ointment. Sometimes, I used the Calendula cream first, then the Diaper Care ointment on top of that, for super healing and protection for those little bottoms.

I find Weleda products at Whole Foods or any other natural grocery store. Online, you can find them at drugstore.com. Everyone I have turned on to these non-petroleum options has loved them. 🙂

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