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Dad’s cough suppressant

My father the neurologist has prepared this never-fail cough suppressant for us ever since I can remember. It works better than any over-the-counter medication and doesn’t have the nasty side-effects associated with them, or the dangers of overdosing seen with children’s cough medicines. Take it before bed to suppress the cough and allow for sleep.

It couldn’t be easier:

1 shot of whiskey or other hard alcohol (rum works well, too)
1 Tbsp. honey (preferably locally collected, but hey, use what you’ve got)!
juice from 1/2 lemon or a few squirts from lemon juice concentrate

The alcohol warms the throat going down and loosens the mucous, but I’ve also made this with hot tea instead for a non-alcoholic alternative for the little ones. Try cammomile, Sleepytime or whatever non-caffeinated type you prefer, since the goal is to bring sleep.

The honey coats and soothes the throat, calming coughs. You may remember that I also like to use Honey Loquat syrup for this purpose, but more people have honey stashed in their cupboards and it works, too. Of course, this remedy can be made with Honey Loquat, too.

My mother made this remedy the other night using lemoncello alcohol and slept like a baby instead of coughing all night, as she had the night before.

I don’t like to prepare this remedy during the daytime as the body is trying to expel the virus with coughing and clear out the lungs, so it is best not to slow that process down.

For an added health benefit, combine this remedy with garlic tea!

Posted in: Natural remedies

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