Kick a Cough — Homeopathic Pulsatilla

On Monday night I was woken up repeatedly by coughing — my own. At 4am, my husband kicked me out of bed so he could get some sleep before going to work. It was an infrequent dry cough during the day that got wetter at night and came in spurts, where I would cough almost non-stop for 20 minutes or so. Very annoying.

Since we were on a plane last week and surrounded by people hacking away, I figured this was inevitable.

Of course, I have been doing Sinus Rinse religiously, but it wasn’t enough. So I took 4 homeopathic Pulsatilla tablets on Tuesday morning, 4 more that evening, and, lo and behold, I was cough-free on Tuesday night. Sometimes homeopathy blows my mind with it’s effectiveness.

The important thing is to remember not to eat or drink anything for 10 minutes before or after taking the tablets.

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