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Kids’ cough medicines off the market

Earlier in January, the “recommendation” to avoid using over-the-counter cold medications for children under two became an outright ban. Concerned parents are pushing even further, to extend the ban for kids under 6. It seems something like 6,000 kids visit emergency rooms every year from overdosing on cough syrup, decongestants, and other common cold medicines. 2/3 of these cases occurred without a caregiver’s knowledge even when the caregiver was present. I guess childproof caps aren’t so childproof after all.

The government’s advice: “stop telling kids that medicines taste good.” Classically ineffective, as befits this administration.

Luckily, out of the Czech Republic comes a new study validating the benefits of saline nasal rinses to keep sickness away and speed recovery if already present. In this study they used Atlantic seawater and required rinsing 6 times daily, which requires one to have extremely compliant children!

Little NosesI see the effects just by using Little Noses saline spray, as I’ve discussed previously, 1-3 times daily, or however frequently I can wheedle, cajole, bribe or threaten my kids to accept getting their noses squirted when they’re stuffy. I admit that I am not beyond holding them down when the situation requires it! As the mom, it is my duty to do what’s best for my kids’ health — whether they like it or not!

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