Vitamin D and Sunshine

Here’s a synopsis of an article from the Providence Journal:

Let the Sun Shine In

With constant warnings about wearing sunscreen to protect against skin cancer, Americans are being hurt in an unexpected area: nutrition.

60% of us (180 million Americans) aren’t getting enough vitamin D, say The Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention.

It’s virtually impossible to get enough vitamin D, necessary for building strong bones and maintaining a healthy immune system, from diet alone. New research indicates that the sunshine vitamin plays a vital role in the prevention of many deadly illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, schizophrenia and heart disease. Health officials estimate that as many as 47,000 cancer deaths could be prevented each year in America if adequate vitamin D levels were attained.

Check out the entire article for a fascinating perspective of the pros and cons of using sunscreen as it blocks vitamin D absorption.

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  1. Carney at |

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  3. Emily Williams at |

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  4. […] though he’s not the only one to be on the Vitamin D bandwagon lately. While I knew that vitamin D played a big role in multiple sclerosis by controlling inflammation, I had no idea of its cancer-protecting role. Here’s what Dr. Oz […]

  5. Czes Kulvis at |

    So, enough sunshine will protect anybody from multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, schizophrenia and heart disease and cancer.

    Fantastic. But is it true?

    If it would so simple. I presently live in sunny New Zealand, and MS here is very popular.

    BTW, sunscreen itself usually contains lots of nasty chemicals and aluminum, so it creates lots of health problems.


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