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Category: food sensitivities

Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

A few weeks ago I posted a simple recipe for pizza crust made from garbanzo bean flour, salt, oil, and water that I learned from Sandy Gluck on Martha Stewart Radio’s “Everyday Food.” I was intrigued by the idea, so we tried it… and the whole family loved it (see the results and recipe here). […]

Are You Tired of Feeling Crummy?

Yesterday, I joined real estate trainer and Sell With Soul maven Jennifer Allan Hagedorn on a teleseminar focused on how I can help people who suffer from chronic physical distress to feel better. Jennifer shared her inspirational story about how she succeeded in overcoming a lifetime of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by identifying hidden food […]

Veggie Burger Inspiration

This morning I talked all things “veggie burger” with host Sandy Gluck on Everyday Food on Martha Stewart Living radio (Sirius XM). If you’re looking for some veggie burger inspiration, tune in as we covered ingredients from quinoa and millet to chickpea flour, lentils, edamame, mushrooms and so much more. Oh, and we discussed my […]

Food Additives Are Everywhere

“The average American eats about 20 pounds dry weight of additives each YEAR. This is ten times the amount used 40 years ago. Those who eat a lot of packaged, processed, or take-out foods may eat twice the average amount or more. Children in particular have a very high intake because many of the manufactured […]

How Hidden Food Sensitivities May Be Affecting Your Health

Recently, I was interviewed by eHealth Radio about how food sensitivities relate to chronic health problems. I loved the opportunity to discuss the immunologic and inflammatory effects of food sensitivities, and how they can manifest in the body. Listen to the 8-minute podcast and/or read the transcript! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Other places […]