Health Client Testimonials

I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Elizabeth and her expertise for uncovering the mystery of my food sensitivities. Her work is powerful and has had a dramatic affect on the way I feel and ultimately can live my best life! When I came to Elizabeth in 2012 I had so much inflammation in my entire body and brain, which significantly contributed to my severe fatigue. I have been living with a diagnosis of Neuromylitis Optica for over 30 years and nothing else has made such a dramatic impact on the way I feel. And best of all, I have never become bored with the diet and I can feel it almost immediately when I’m exposed to something I stay away from, such as soy. It is so worth it to follow what is best for me and it feels very natural to do so.

Since beginning to work with Elizabeth my life has become so rich and full, due in part and as a result of the way I feel. I am an award winning Women’s Empowerment Expert, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, and was nominated 2016  Woman of the Year’ by the Los Angeles Business Journal. And now it is my purpose in life to help other women live a life filled with an abundance of health, wealth and love! I absolutely know that non of this would have been possible without the support of foods that give me life. Thank you, Elizabeth!!

I invite you to visit my website: for more information on my work in the world.

Kathryn Ford, Santa Monica, CA

I had a great experience working with Elizabeth doing the food sensitivity program. Elizabeth was great to work with as she is easy to talk to and knowledgeable about foods, recipes, etc. Overall, I lost approximately 17 pounds, but more than that I learned a new way of eating that works with my body. I had thyroid cancer 9 years ago and had been struggling to lose weight since then. I exercised and ate “healthy”, but I wasn’t eating right for my body. Doing the food sensitivity program with Elizabeth taught me how to choose foods that work with my body. My grocery shopping list, eating, and recipes have changed drastically.

Tara Winberry Litt, Woodland Hills, CA

I originally sought counseling from Dr. Yarnell at the advice of a good friend. I have had chronic sinus pressure which resulted in me taking a nasal decongestant every day. I also used to get about 4 sinus infections a year which ended with me taking antibiotics. Otherwise, I was a very healthy person who regularly exercises, only ate organic produce and didn’t smoke. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical of whether or not the LEAP program could really make a dramatic difference for me.

I was also concerned with my ability to stick to the program. The first two weeks were restrictive. For someone who had multiple cups of coffee every day and a piece of chocolate, this seemed daunting. However, because I was feeling so much better and Dr. Yarnell was my advocate I was able to get through it. Once I started introducing new foods I felt like I had so many options and zero interest in the foods that caused me to feel bad.

The benefits of LEAP were amazing and unexpected. My hair started growing thicker, I no longer crave caffeine or sweets, I have more energy, I sleep better, I am less anxious and I think more clearly. My sinus issues are gone as well. I also realize that I could not have done this program without the guidance of Dr. Yarnell. She is relateable, encouraging and worked with me to develop a customized program. The blood tests alone would not have allowed such a complete transformation.

I have recommended the LEAP program and Dr. Yarnell’s guidance to my family and friends – and look forward to hearing their success stories as well.

~Lauren C., New York

It made such a difference to have my blood tested and see clearly just what was causing some of my health issues. Elizabeth helped me to organize what foods I could eat, gave me recipes and good products to buy.
I was to tired to figure it out and she was there to help me. I feel much better now. My headaches and body aches are gone and my digestion is stronger. My energy is steadier without caffeine. It really is possible to heal with her guidance and help .

~Robyn D., Denver, CO

Dear Elizabeth,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you these past few months since I called to inquire about the LEAP ImmuneCalm…Dietary Management Program.

At that moment in time my MS symptoms were truly very extreme and I wasn’t able to walk any distances without someone reaching out to help me. My balance was really off and I was lightheaded almost all the day long. After our first phone conversation you told me that you thought I would be a good candidate to try the LEAP Program and I agreed. These past 2 1/2 months have been very insightful and helpful to me because of your Nutritional Counseling and Willingness to discuss and answer my myriad of questions pertaining to not only MS but also my dietary needs.

Elizabeth, I thank you so very much for helping me feel GOOD AGAIN. Not only have you taken the time to educate me to know what is good or not so good for my food requirements, but also to Help me deal with MS in a NATURAL and HEALTHY way.

Warm regards,
Marion Paul, Gatlinburg, TN

Elizabeth Yarnell was the link that I was missing in my personal health care. After just a few weeks of her guidance and suggestions, I was regular for the first time – ever! It’s amazing how being regular can make such a difference in your face (mine adult acne is almost gone), your energy level, and just your overall mood. Plus…having been diagnosed with MS since April 2006, the diet recommendations that Elizabeth made have made a tremendous different in my MS – eating the right foods and not eating the wrong foods can really make you feel a ton better. I would and have recommended Elizabeth to many of my friends and family and also gave her name to my neurologist who was thrilled to have a professional nutritionalist that she can recommend to her patients.

~ Deb Warren, Aurora, CO

Just wanted to let you all know about a great resource we have right here in
the neighborhood. After reading a post on here about food sensitivities, I
contacted fellow mom Elizabeth Yarnell to see if she could help me
out with my ultra-picky eaters and help our whole family eat healthier
foods. She met with us on Monday and went grocery shopping with me and my
kids and helped us make healthy choices. Just since Monday, my kids have
tried 8 new fruits and a bunch of other foods that they wouldn’t even let
near their mouths before. Truly major progress in a short amount of time.
Vegetables are still a touchy subject, but I feel so much more confident now
that they are at least willing to try new things. Elizabeth also has her
own cookbook “Glorious One Pot Meals,” and we have made three of them so far
this week. Our family is vegetarian, and she was so helpful in helping us
figure out how to have balanced meals for dinner and giving me confidence to
make them myself (I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but I have been pleasantly
surprised with myself this week).

If you have picky eaters, or just need help figuring out how to eat
healthier, I highly recommend Elizabeth. She is very knowledgeable and
super sweet!

~ Ashley M., Denver, CO