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Happy Client Health Success Stories

Hello! I’m so glad that you’ve found me!

It is my mission to empower you to help yourself feel better in your body, just like I’ve helped everyone who appears on this page. From Multiple Sclerosis to Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Migraines to Sinus Issues… Whatever your issue, I may be able to help. Book your complementary natural health assessment today and you just may add your own success story here soon!

If you are an existing or previous client, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to share your success story and inspire others to take this path and become empowered to improve their own health naturally.


Wendy W., Portland, OR

My health journey with Elizabeth Yarnell began a year ago, in January 2021. I spent the previous three years recovering from a severe case of Shingles that seemed to trigger an unstable, erratic nerve response, ongoing gut issues, fatigue, as well as undetermined skin irritations/hives. It was then, with my mental and emotional state-of- mind at an all-time low, I began to explore more of a holistic approach to my symptoms, after numerous medical tests performed by an allergist and a dermatologist came up negative. A close friend of mine suggested I go online and take the opportunity to schedule a 90-minute virtual visit with Elizabeth Yarnell, which ultimately proved to change the direction of my health for the better.

Elizabeth Yarnell, began with a series of questions, then followed-up with tests including blood work, a ten-day parasite protocol and the utilization of a daily food symptom diary. After those results were reviewed, we had our first ZOOM meeting to decipher the findings. It was interesting to find out that, while I had been eating “clean and healthy” foods for over two years, I actually had mild to severe food sensitives to many of them. There it was in black-and-white… symptoms were not caused by my mental or emotional state, but from what I was eating! It was a relief really-I understood that by changing my diet, I could change my life.

During the four-month program, under Elizabeth’s close guidance, my perspective began to adjust as I experienced small steps toward improvement with my skin, fatigue and brain fog. Elizabeth Yarnell’s personal experience, the implementation and customization of the LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet Program, along with her uncompromising support and confirmation that I was making progress, proved invaluable. She responded to my communication in an empathetic, encouraging way, helping me to maintain my commitment to new healthy habits, even offering links to delicious menu options. My transformation in just under a year has been no less than miraculous!

I think one of the most beneficial aspects of the LEAP Program and the patented cooking process she introduced me to in her “Glorious One-Pot Meals” cookbook, was the comprehensive approach, using targeted adjustments, that helped create a lifestyle that will serve me for years to come. Participating in and taking responsibility for my own well-being has been rewarding and having Elizabeth Yarnell patiently walk me through the process demonstrated her genuine pledge to support me through my journey. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, dedication and optimism as she assisted me in navigating through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Thank you for everything Elizabeth! You have been such an inspirational figure in my life and because of you, I look forward to what adventures await me in 2022!

Kim Emerson, San Diego, CA

Getting restrictive actually expanded my diet. I had limited myself to so few foods that I thought I could eat, and now I have so many more flavors and textures to enjoy. The difference in how I feel is noticeable, too.

Justin S., Rhode Island

Bless you, thank you! I can’t tell you how much better my health is after working with you. Totally transforming.

Mindy G., Denver, CO

Phoebe A., Denver, CO

I was diagnosed with a parasite, blastocystis, 2 years ago. Cleared that, or so I thought, with antibiotics, but didn’t feel quite my best.  Fast forward 2 years – apparently picked up another parasite! I felt so awful. Allopathic medicine told me all of the parasite tests came back negative, but each test noted the caveat ‘these tests might be inconclusive.’ That was not helpful. Through a fortunate set of circumstances, I connected with Elizabeth. I completed the 30-day parasite cleanse, and am now well on the path of the LEAP anti-inflammation food plan. It is all challenging, but I feel so much better, and know that I am strengthening my gut and immune system for far better health in the future. Elizabeth will guide you with her expertise and good humor every step of the way!

Susan W., Keene, NH

I lost 15 pounds after stopping eating foods/preservatives etc. that caused my body to inflame. I have never regained the weight after losing it because I continue to avoid foods that are inflammatory for me.

Susan R., Denver, CO

I had a great experience working with Elizabeth doing the food sensitivity program. Elizabeth was great to work with as she is easy to talk to and knowledgeable about foods, recipes, etc. Overall, I lost approximately 17 pounds, but more than that I learned a new way of eating that works with my body. I had thyroid cancer 9 years ago and had been struggling to lose weight since then. I exercised and ate “healthy”, but I wasn’t eating right for my body. Doing the food sensitivity program with Elizabeth taught me how to choose foods that work with my body. My grocery shopping list, eating, and recipes have changed drastically.

Tara Winberry Litt, Woodland Hills, CA

I originally sought counseling from Dr. Yarnell at the advice of a good friend. I have had chronic sinus pressure which resulted in me taking a nasal decongestant every day. I also used to get about 4 sinus infections a year which ended with me taking antibiotics. Otherwise, I was a very healthy person who regularly exercises, only ate organic produce and didn’t smoke. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical of whether or not the LEAP program could really make a dramatic difference for me.

I was also concerned with my ability to stick to the program. The first two weeks were restrictive. For someone who had multiple cups of coffee every day and a piece of chocolate, this seemed daunting. However, because I was feeling so much better and Dr. Yarnell was my advocate I was able to get through it. Once I started introducing new foods I felt like I had so many options and zero interest in the foods that caused me to feel bad.

The benefits of LEAP were amazing and unexpected. My hair started growing thicker, I no longer crave caffeine or sweets, I have more energy, I sleep better, I am less anxious and I think more clearly. My sinus issues are gone as well. I also realize that I could not have done this program without the guidance of Dr. Yarnell. She is relateable, encouraging and worked with me to develop a customized program. The blood tests alone would not have allowed such a complete transformation.

I have recommended the LEAP program and Dr. Yarnell’s guidance to my family and friends – and look forward to hearing their success stories as well.

~Lauren C., New York

It made such a difference to have my blood tested and see clearly just what was causing some of my health issues. Elizabeth helped me to organize what foods I could eat, gave me recipes and good products to buy.
I was too tired to figure it out and she was there to help me. I feel much better now. My headaches and body aches are gone and my digestion is stronger. My energy is steadier without caffeine. It really is possible to heal with her guidance and help .

~Robyn D., Denver, CO

Dear Elizabeth,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you these past few months since I called to inquire about the LEAP ImmuneCalm…Dietary Management Program.

At that moment in time my MS symptoms were truly very extreme and I wasn’t able to walk any distances without someone reaching out to help me. My balance was really off and I was lightheaded almost all the day long. After our first phone conversation you told me that you thought I would be a good candidate to try the LEAP Program and I agreed. These past 2 1/2 months have been very insightful and helpful to me because of your Nutritional Counseling and Willingness to discuss and answer my myriad of questions pertaining to not only MS but also my dietary needs.

Elizabeth, I thank you so very much for helping me feel GOOD AGAIN. Not only have you taken the time to educate me to know what is good or not so good for my food requirements, but also to Help me deal with MS in a NATURAL and HEALTHY way.

Warm regards,
Marion Paul, Gatlinburg, TN

Elizabeth Yarnell was the link that I was missing in my personal health care. After just a few weeks of her guidance and suggestions, I was regular for the first time – ever! It’s amazing how being regular can make such a difference in your face (mine adult acne is almost gone), your energy level, and just your overall mood. Plus…having been diagnosed with MS since April 2006, the diet recommendations that Elizabeth made have made a tremendous different in my MS – eating the right foods and not eating the wrong foods can really make you feel a ton better. I would and have recommended Elizabeth to many of my friends and family and also gave her name to my neurologist who was thrilled to have a professional nutritionalist that she can recommend to her patients.

~ Deb Warren, Aurora, CO

Just wanted to let you all know about a great resource we have right here in
the neighborhood. After reading a post on here about food sensitivities, I
contacted fellow mom Elizabeth Yarnell to see if she could help me
out with my ultra-picky eaters and help our whole family eat healthier
foods. She met with us on Monday and went grocery shopping with me and my
kids and helped us make healthy choices. Just since Monday, my kids have
tried 8 new fruits and a bunch of other foods that they wouldn’t even let
near their mouths before. Truly major progress in a short amount of time.
Vegetables are still a touchy subject, but I feel so much more confident now
that they are at least willing to try new things. Elizabeth also has her
own cookbook “Glorious One Pot Meals,” and we have made three of them so far
this week. Our family is vegetarian, and she was so helpful in helping us
figure out how to have balanced meals for dinner and giving me confidence to
make them myself (I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but I have been pleasantly
surprised with myself this week).

If you have picky eaters, or just need help figuring out how to eat
healthier, I highly recommend Elizabeth. She is very knowledgeable and
super sweet!

~ Ashley M., Denver, CO


13 Comments on “Happy Client Health Success Stories

  1. In the summer of 2016, I spoke with Elizabeth over the phone regarding a diagnosis I received in 2011 of Hep C, she had told me about the Bio-Scan that would not be invasive but could help with one or more treatments. I agreed and I made an appointment with Elizabeth and requested the Bio-can. The Bio-scan scanned my entire body. It showed my liver was okay and not having a problem but it pin-pointed that is was my gallbladder. And that is could be take care of with digestive enzymes. This problem with my gallbladder had never be identified as the issue.I am taking the digestive enzymes and continue to have my numbers checked. The liver and gallbladder numbers continue to improve as I take the digestive enzymes regularly I am not on any medications. Thank you Elizabeth for letting me know about the Bio-Scanned.

  2. In the Summer of 2016, I saw Elizabeth after a walking injury to my left foot. I had done the usual treatment of soaking it in Epson salt, elevating it and even alcohol rubs. This seemed to do the trick however, the insole or arch of my foot was still a little sore and even after two weeks it would still throb.
    When I went to Elizabeth I requested the Naturopathic Health appointment, which was a general Bio-scan of the entire body including the left foot. I felt the intial scan within the foot but nothing else. The foot was a little sore the first day after the scan. But from then until this day I have had No problems with the foot. Nor have I favored it in anyway.

    Thank you Elizabeth!

  3. After initially talking with Elizabeth Yarnell, I was hopeful that she and the MRT/LEAP protocol could help me. I have suffered from multiple food sensitivities for 30+ years—some of which I was able to identify through trial-and-error while others eluded me. I have always experienced delayed reactions that included GI issues (IBS) with nausea and severe neck and shoulder pain. During the year and a half before I contacted Elizabeth, my symptoms worsened, causing me to have daily GI issues and discomfort. After receiving my MRT test results, I found out that although I had been trying to heal myself by eating healthy foods, they weren’t the correct foods for my body! I committed fully to the program and Elizabeth helped me through each stage—she is an amazing resource and shares many recipes, all while adapting them to your special needs. It is now 6 months since I started the program, and I feel so much better! I have improved from experiencing daily issues to only once a month—and I hope to keep healing my body with food! I followed the diet very closely and wasn’t tempted “cheat” because, as I told Elizabeth, “It feels too good to feel good!” Call Elizabeth. You’ll be happy you did.

  4. I have had a great experience working with Dr. Yarnell. After eating the foods that are right for my body for the past 3 months I have experienced a decrease in inflammation which is helping my arthritis. Also my blood sugars have dropped to a safe range when they were on the boarder of diabetes. I have also dropped 5 pounds. I am pleased with the progress that has been made. I have really appreciated the phone consultations with Dr. Yarnell. I am looking forward to what is to come.

    Tresa Whidbey Isaland March 22,2018

  5. Working with Elizabeth was fantastic. For years, I’ve been trying and failing to manage my nerve pain. Something would work for a while and then stop and the cycle continued. By taking everything out and slowly adding things back in, I know immediately if I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me before the nerve pain even starts. Thank you!

  6. I don’t know what made me do it but I sure am glad I did!! I have been taking Prevacid for 17+ years thinking that is just what you do when you have acid re-flux. After an increase in strength by the GI Doc, it just didn’t seem right. Liz confirmed not only that it isn’t right but it isn’t good for me. After working with Liz for less than 2 months, I have already stopped taking the PIP not because she said so, but because I don’t need it anymore!! My food intake is the same if not slightly higher now (since it feels good to eat), but my body has responded in amazing ways: I have dropped 2-3 waist sizes, I want to wear clothes that fit rather than baggy, and I am not bloated in the mid section. I was never a larger person or “fat”. I workout hard and smart with a sports performance coach 4 days a week and am active on the weekends. I could never understand why I was wearing waist size 35 or 36 pants and large or sometimes extra large shirts. Inflammation is why. Now, without the inflammation, I am in Medium shirts and 33″ pants. I am not on a “diet”. I am not reducing calories, fats, or other fad diet requirements. I am simply eating what my body tolerates. And now, when I “cheat” or “goof” on a food item, my body lets me know immediately. I could go on, but I will close with sharing my “spikes”. I started riding a crazy roller coaster of energy and crashing. I noticed how I was chasing the spike and then I noticed how I wasn’t clear headed when I was riding the high. I thought it was due to sugar. It wasn’t, it was whatever I was eating that created this. I am still eating sugar and have NO negative effects, no spikes, and no crashing. I am clear headed too. It isn’t voodoo, it isn’t a fad, it isn’t a cult, it isn’t manufactured science. It is clean, it is right, and it is natural. It just makes sense. Thank you Liz Yarnell! Thank you thank you thank you

  7. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr Yarnell long distance. She is in Colorado and I live in New York State. Although I am only into the program a few weeks I have to say that the transformation is unbelievable! I suffer from a host of illnesses such as brittle diabetes, restless leg syndrome and high blood pressure. After just two weeks my Dr has cut my blood pressure medication in half! The insulin I take has also been reduced! I would recommend Dr Yarnell to anyone that has any ailment. Thanks, Dr Yarnell

  8. Look what I discovered!! And it all came from one of my favorite candies! After grabbing several handfuls of this a dyed dark chocolate candy over a two-three week period of time, my body became so inflamed that I contemplated seeing a neurologist thinking that I had some kind of nerve involvement. I experienced almost total body inflammation that walking was painful as was climbing stairs. Getting up from a seated position was awkward and painful. Lying in bed was painful. Ripping open a packet of sugar was painful and on and on and on!

    One day I looked at this candy and noticed that the colors were deeper than I remembered, but the taste was terrific! I had previously tested sensitive to a yellow dye so it dawned on me that maybe I should cut out eating these candies. Within 3 -4 days I was back exercising, racing up the stairs, knitting and sleeping almost pain free.

    If Elizabeth had not encouraged me to consider having the MRT blood test, I probably would still be eating these candies and becoming more and more debilitated. If Elizabeth had not counseled me regarding the results of my blood work, I never would have put two and two together to get to the bottom of my inflammatory exacerbation. I love having my life back again and I love having this wonderful, sensitive and knowledgeable woman in my life.

    Jane C

  9. I had the very good fortune to discover Elizabeth after struggling for months with a protozoan infection. Chronic pain and severe food sensitivities had consumed the quality of my life. With the help of Elizabeth– the blood tests, urinalysis, elimination diet, digestive enzymes and her wonderful advise– I immediately began to feel better and over the months have become symptom free. I also feel that it has cleared up several side issues I was having. Before coming to Elizabeth I had been using trial and error to try to recover from what was ailing me. I had also been 5 times to the doctor with no results. At huge expense I was getting nowhere. I am thankful to have discovered this other path and have and will heartily recommended Elizabeth to everyone.

  10. I struggled with stomach issues for years, attempted every elimination diet, and even had a full GI workup but could never get to the bottom of the problem. Through MRT/LEAP with Elizabeth, I finally feel like a normal person. The combination of blood testing, elimination diet, and consultations with Elizabeth were the perfect solution. I am now a year out and can’t believe the difference in quality of life. I always recommend Elizabeth so that she can help others the way she helped me!

  11. Dear Dr. Yarnell,
    Thanks again for helping our family and our daughter with a recent diagnosis of NMO. We are so thankfully that we found you and your program for food sensitivities because our goal was to reduce chance of reoccurring episodes. The food sensitivity test was really astonishing in what we found was reactive for her. With your assistance and coaching we have been able to follow the reintroduction methods and monitor the reactions. We have modified our diets to eliminate the most “re-active” foods and our daughter has more energy and doesn’t feel sluggish anymore, and she has not had a recurrence since we started to follow the new diet to reduce the reactive foods. Thanks for all of your support and assistance!!

  12. My 7 year old daughter had been stuffy for the past two years. We saw every allergist in town for third, fourth and fifth opinions and had every test done under the sun. We ripped out all of the carpet in our home and changed everything to hypo-allergenic. When none of this worked and we couldn’t get to the bottom of her stuffiness, we were referred to an ENT doctor who said that it was her adenoids that were enlarged. My daughter then underwent surgery at the beginning of the summer and three months later continued to be just as stuffy as before. Finally, I sought the help of Elizabeth Yarnell. I was extremely reluctant to try this method because my daughter is very stuck in her ways and loves to eat only eggs and dairy based foods and I had a suspicion that we would have to eliminate these for a while if not forever. I have five young children and it is very difficult to feed my picky family, let alone with having to eliminate major food groups. I ultimately decided to try it. Once I wrapped my head around the diet, it was difficult for the first week and then became common habit and fairly easy. We are now two months in and I am beyond happy to report that my daughter is completely able to breathe without any stuffiness for the first time in years and her stuffiness was all food related. She now does not want to eat any of her trigger foods as she knows they will make her sick and we have all learned how to support her in her diet. I am beyond grateful to Elizabeth for helping my daughter. Western medicine doctors don’t know anything about this type of testing and it is a shame because they are operating on children and adults unnecessarily. If I had started with this diet from the beginning, it would have saved us thousands of dollars in medical bills and my daughter would not have had to suffer as long or undergo surgery and general anesthesia. I highly recommend this program. Do not hesitate to try it. It works.

  13. Dr. Yarnell was the greatest referral I was ever given ,I have the Chrons Disease and have went thru 4 surgeries and still not getting better till I found Dr. Yarnell .The diet she asked me to get on has been the best thing I have ever done, My Chrones is in remission after just 4 months of taking her advice ,It is great to fell like a person Again After 10 years. I recommend her to everyone ,THANKS Dr Yarnell

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