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How Can I Stay Healthy This Winter?

Reader question:

I have had one flu shot as an adult, and got the flu twice that year. I work at a college, and am exposed to hundreds of (sick, young) people 5 days a week! I do my utmost to stay healthy, but last year I got REALLY sick several times (also family crisis played into that). Also rather terrified of getting shingles; to vax or not…  ~Susan W., New Hampshire
Susan- As a member of my Inflammation Influencer program and dedicating yourself to removing inflammation and healing your body, you are already moving down the right path toward warding off illnesses. Since more than 80% of our immune system is based in our gut — and that is a target of this program — we can hope that you will be in better shape this year to fight off whatever may come around.
Yet, colds and flu can take down even the most vigilant among us.
Here are my very best tips to help get you through the season comfortably.
I keep an arsenal of herbs, homeopathy, and other natural remedies around in case something gets past my hand-washing and shoes-off policies. I wrote about these extensively in my Kick a Cold series on my blog.
If I suspect it is flu, then Oscillo is the solution 90% of the time. Catching it early is key. If you search for “flu” in my blog  there are more than 20 pages of tips to avoid or kick out the flu.
There are even great homeopathic remedies for shingles/chicken pox. It would still suck, but not as bad.
That said, I am not a medical doctor and legally cannot advise you as to pharmaceuticals. What I can do is share my own thoughts and experiences and encourage you to make your own, educated decisions. Here are some thoughts I’ve had about the flu vaccine.
Here are my thoughts on vaccines in general.
Those in my Inflammation Influencer programs will have a step up in staying healthy this winter. Interested in checking it out? Grab a free Naturopathic Health Assessment to see if you are a good candidate for this program!

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