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Sea Salt Is Better Than Table Salt for Sodium-Restricted Diets

Sea salt is better balanced for our bodies and may not cause swelling or tax the body like mined table salt or the added sodium in processed foods will. Sea salt is a live mineral from the get-go as part of the nutrient-rich environment of seawater that is activated by absorbing the sun’s life-giving energy during evaporation. […]

NMO Diaries: A Fight MS with Food Case Study

This case study in the Fight MS with Food project actually focuses on NMO, a disease that is often mis-diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. Just like MS, NMO is an auto-immune disease that may respond to customized changes in dietary habits. Erin, a 32-year old mother of a toddler, was diagnosed with NMO in 2009. When […]

My Thoughts on Vaccine Risks

I received a request from a reporter asking me for my thoughts on vaccinating children. It was a personal request as she has a two-month old daughter and is facing the issue. While I feel comfortable sharing my personal thoughts on vaccines, I want to be sure that it is clear that this is my […]