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Pure, Clean, and Trusted Vitamins: Back2Health

When I look for clean supplements from a trusted source, I find them at Back2Health.

European Extracts vs. Chinese Ingredients

Unlike many supplements where the ingredients come from murky Chinese sources, Back2Health uses European extracts created using strict extraction methodologies and tests each ingredients for identity, strength, purity, and composition in their FDA-certified in-house laboratory in Southern California

All Back2Health products are completely additive-free, meaning that you’re getting the vitamins rather than extra ingredients like lubricants, flow agents, disintegrants, binders and fillers. Additives like these are highly refined and could potentially trigger inflammation –not what we’re aiming for when we take vitamins!–, so it’s best to avoid them whenever possible.

Why We Should Avoid Stearic Acid

The most common additives in supplements may be stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Although stearic acid is found “naturally” in many foods, the stearic cid that is used in the nutritional supplement world largely comes from cottonseed oil.

What’s wrong with cottonseed oil? Besides knowing that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides, most of the conventional cotton grown in the USA is GMO.

If this weren’t enough, the cottonseed oil is hydrogenated in order to bioengineer it into stearic acid, turning it into a trans fat, and we already know that we should be avoiding trans fats to protect our health!

Magnesium stearate is produced using stearic acid, making it an even more highly refined mix of pesticide residue, GMO, and trans fat. Yuck! This isn’t what I want in my vitamins!

Back2Health Supplements are Clean

We can rest easy knowing that Back2Health supplements contain the active ingredients sourced from whole foods and the vegan capsule and nothing else. Most of the products are gluten-free and all contain pure coenzymated methyl folate, making them bioavailable to the 46% of Americans who have the MTHFR genetic variance and don’t assimilate regular B vitamins well.

Daily Multi-Vitamin Supplements for Women and Men

We know that women and men have different nutritional needs, and these multi-vitamins are good sources for the ingredients we need to be healthy.

The Women’s formula is tailored for the specific health needs of women, including antioxidants, extra vitamin B6, extra calcium, coenzymes, and coenzymated L-5 mthyl folate.

The Men’s formula addresses the specific health needs of men, including antioxidants, extra zinc and lycopene plus co-enzymes and coenzymated L-5 methyl folate.

Purchase a single bottle, or save by signing up for regular shipments so that you’ll never run out.


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