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Category: Uncategorized

Chronic Constipation Cures

Let’s talk about natural ways of dealing with chronic constipation. Chronic constipation leads to impaired digestion and may not only make you uncomfortable now, but can lead to malabsorption, nutrient deficiencies, colon cancer, and even autoimmune disorders later down the road. It’s crucial to act sooner rather than later to avoid more serious health issues. Buddy Bears   […]

New Study Links Diet and Microbiome with Multiple Sclerosis

A new study out of Brigham and Woman’s hospital in Boston and published in the Journal of Nature Medicine, relays exciting news that validates much of what I’ve been seeing in patients enrolled in the Fight MS with Food Project and our approach to managing autoimmune disorders like MS. Here is the link to a […]

Substitutes for Canola Oil

Reader question: After watching your TED talk and learning more about GMOs, I’m wondering: Do we stop using canola oil entirely, or just switch to organic, non-gmo canola? I don’t fry (because I’m too lazy to clean up), but I do use canola oil in baking, as I don’t use butter or any milk products. For […]

Can Chicken Be Bone-in and Skin-on in Glorious One-Pot Meals?

Reader question: Are meat and poultry always supposed to be boneless, and poultry skinless?  I tried poultry (large pieces)with bone and skin intact, and they took 60 minutes to cook.  (I removed the vegetables @ 45 min.)  ~ Elaine, Washington, D.C. Hi Elaine- Thanks for asking as this is actually a question that comes up frequently in my […]

Where GMOs Hide and Why Labeling Is Important for Consumers

At an elegant fundraising event last night, my husband cornered one of our Republican state representatives and asked where she stood on the GMO labeling initiative coming up before Colorado voters next month. “I’m firmly against it,” she declared, “because I think GMOs might be needed in order for us to have enough food in […]