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Category: Nutrition in the news

Kids’ cough medicines off the market

Earlier in January, the “recommendation” to avoid using over-the-counter cold medications for children under two became an outright ban. Concerned parents are pushing even further, to extend the ban for kids under 6. It seems something like 6,000 kids visit emergency rooms every year from overdosing on cough syrup, decongestants, and other common cold medicines. […]

The Fall of Trans Fats

Today’s weight loss tip: Ditch the trans fats. Yes, you’ve heard about how trans fats are the scourge of our food industry and likely you’ve even heard that New York City banned cooking oils with trans fat from all restaurants last year, but did you know that now the nation’s top cooking schools are getting […]

Cholesterol, Causality and Egg McMuffins

Last night on the national news there was a story about how while statin drugs do indeed lower cholesterol, it is unclear as to if they decrease the risk of heart disease. Since 18 million people take statin drugs and it is a $21 Billion industry for the drug companies, this is worth a second […]

Weleda Baby Care

I love to put together a basket of my favorite things for new parents. I burn mixed cds of fun and relaxing kids music (yes, I was one of those people in college who loved to make mixed cassette tapes for friends! It’s just so much easier with iTunes now.), toss in some organic baby […]

Kick a Cold – Vitamins

To wrap up the Kick a Cold series, we must talk a little about vitamins. We’re not going to spend a lot of time talking about vitamins, because for the most part I don’t believe in supplements (heresy, I know!) but would prefer to get my vitamins through the whole foods I eat. One thing […]