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Singulair and Suicide: Cure Asthma with Natural Foods and Products

Just wanted to be sure everyone who needs to know has heard about the possible link between the asthma drug Singulair and suicide.

Asthma can often be an effect of hidden food allergies: an elimination diet with gradual reintroduction of foods can often show where the culprits lie.

Sometimes the allergy is to vapors or other airborne pollution. If I had an asthmatic family member I would be strict about keeping a green home, only using scent-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, laundry soap, and skin care products. The more I could offer purely organic foods, the better it would be for that highly sensitive asthmatic.

Asthma and other allergic reactions (hives, eczema, sinus problems…) are a sign that the body has crossed over its tolerance threshold. Unfortunately, once you cross over that threshold to a great enough extent, it is incredibly difficult to dip back underneath it.

Every person has a different biologic threshold for toxins, chemicals, and other irritants, and you could cross that tolerance threshold at any time, without warning, although it often follows a period of intense exposure to a man-made substance.

I know: I hived daily for three years before I was able to clean out my system and my environment enough to duck back underneath that threshold. Now I’m thankful every day that I wake up without hives. If this has ever happened to you, you must know exactly how I feel!

To be blunt: the hives sucked.

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