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Category: Living naturally

What do whole foods do for your body?

Check out this short and sweet little video that shows exactly how you’re doing good for your body every time you eat a cherry, oranges, or broccoli. In under two minutes you’ll get a ream of fun little health facts. [youtube uRJ71HLcKmI&NR=1 nolink]

Solar water heaters in Hawaii

Starting in 2010, all new homes in Hawaii will be required to use solar water heaters. What a great idea! What took them so long? I’m sure there are other areas of the country that could follow this example. Here in Colorado, we have over 300 days of sunshine a year, for instance!

Steamed about Sunscreen

Am I the only one who feels like every time I turn around I learn about some new threat to my health from a product I’ve felt safe with for years? Right now I feel this way about sunscreen. I already knew that the massive campaign to wear sunscreen has been so successful that many […]

Kids on Cholesterol Drugs

I was outraged to read that the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that some children as young as 8 be given cholesterol-fighting drugs to “ward off future heart problems.” Wow. Pretty drastic measures, I would say, to administer drugs that haven’t been around long enough to have long-term, lifespan data to know what effects […]

Do something drastic: Ban plastic!

I am trying to become a total canvas bag user. I’ve got a stash of 15 or so canvas bags (most are goodies from Book Expo America, but there are some grocery chain bags in there, too) that I try to leave in convenient spots for me to remember when I go to the supermarket […]