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    Hello there

    I not really know we comprehended fully whatever you
    intended with that, are you able to increase much more upon cosmetics case ?


  2. karen at |

    I agree with Trike does not mean if its diet that it is nutritious

  3. Trike Motorcycles at |

    diet foods that are nutritious would be the best for our bodies, most diet foods are not very nutritious -~-

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    i like to consume diet foods coz they can help you slim a bit and avoid to much body fat;’;

  5. Lewis Robinson at |

    Diet Foods should be composed of low sugar and high fiber foods;”;

  6. Colton Diaz at |

    Can anyone give more list of diet foods?~-*

  7. Rachel Price at |

    i am looking for a good list of diet foods, can someone post a link?~:`

  8. […] you caught my post about how much I love my mineral makeup from eyeslipsface, you’ll be excited to hear that they are on sale for 50% off right now! […]

  9. Abi at |

    When you told me about the E.L.F. sale a while back (is it still going on? wait… don’t tell me — I spent way to much money last time!) I went ahead and purchased the same kit. I do agree with you — the application isn’t intuitive. I don’t think I understand it still — does the concealer go over the whole face and then the foundation over the whole face? Why do I need both?

    I do absolutely LOVE the blush (“Bliss”)… love love love it. It is subtle and perfect for daytime makeup (frankly, it would probably aslo be great for the evening, but I have a three-year old so I don’t go out much!).

    Thanks for recommending this to me, Elizabeth!


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