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Category: Living naturally

Could You Be Getting Too Much Calcium?

For decades, women have been encouraged -and even bullied- by health and medical experts to supplement with calcium in order to combat a possible osteoporosis diagnosis in the future. But could this advice be wrong? “It’s now coming to the forefront through research that osteoporosis – the exact condition calcium supplementation is meant to prevent […]

Could You Be Drinking Too Much Water?

Are you over-hydrated? In an age when the idea that we always need to drink more water is drilled into our consciousness, it’s easy to forget that drinking too much water can be just as bad as drinking too little. Drinking too much water is called hyponatremia, and it can kill you if you’re not […]

Does Parkinson’s Disease Start in the Gut?

A fascinating study funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research looks at the microbiome (the population of bacteria in the human gut) in people who have Parkinson’s Disease. Lo’ and behold: research is showing a link between gut function and Parkinson’s Disease. Who would’ve thought there could be a connection between your bowels and the degenerative, capricious symptoms […]

A Natural Treatment for Depression: Probiotics

Participants in a study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity showed a reduced amount of ruminative thoughts leading to depression after supplementing with several species of probiotics for one month. The gut microbiome really is the new frontier when it comes to the science of human health, and the more we learn about our little […]

Is It A Cold or Is It Allergies?

Your nose is running,  your head feels stuffy, you’ve been sneezing… you know you feel crappy, but how do you know if it’s a cold or if it’s allergies? A better question might be: What color is your snot? Long ago I learned from an allergist that you can tell a lot from the color […]