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Is It A Cold or Is It Allergies?

Your nose is running,  your head feels stuffy, you’ve been sneezing… you know you feel crappy, but how do you know if it’s a cold or if it’s allergies?155467215

A better question might be:

What color is your snot?

Long ago I learned from an allergist that you can tell a lot from the color of what comes out of your nose. He said that green snot indicates a bacterial infection, yellow snot means the cause is a virus (like a cold), and clear snot is produced from allergies.

Here’s an easy guide:

  • Clear snot = allergies
  • Yellow snot = viral infection
  • Green snot = bacterial infections

Allergies and viral infections can turn into bacterial infections because the presence of all of that warm, moist bodily discharge makes an inviting breeding ground for bacteria. It’s best to try to manage these symptoms and support the body to heal before a bacterial infection moves in.

If you seem to get a cold every year at the same time, then you should suspect seasonal allergies.

What can you do to manage seasonal allergies?

With new research linking anti-histamines to Alzheimer’s Disease, a more natural route is a better way to go.

1. Nourish your immune system with probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc.

2. Keep your immediate environment clear of pollens by:

  • Leaving shoes at the door.
  • Using a HEPA-certified air purifier.
  • Closing windows at night.

3. Shower and wash your hair before bed and change your pillowcase frequently.

4. Eat some locally-collected bee pollen daily. Find this at a local health food store in the refrigerated section or from a local beekeeper.

5. Blow your nose frequently; don’t sniff! Your body is trying to expell the foreign invader molecules through your snot.

6. Do a Neilmed Sinus Rinse or Netti Pot rinse morning and night and as frequently in between as needed.

7. Use a homeopathic hay fever remedy. (Get it for only $6 during this week’s Flash Sale!)


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