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Category: Living naturally

Vitamins to Help Avoid or Recover from a Virus

Ever since Linus Pauling first discovered how vitamin C works with the human body’s immune system over 100 years ago, we have been learning more and more about how the human body functions and the essential roles these substances play. The scientific field of orthomolecular medicine is the study of how vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients […]

Total Health Summit 2019

I’m so excited to share my talk presented at this year’s Total Health Summit! My hour-long session was filled with fun anecdotes and great information as we explored the causes and effects of inflammation in the body. I shared details of my unique three-pronged approach to reclaiming health as well as my best tips that […]

Nutrition and Diet Not Taught in Medical School

Doctors need to be learning more about diet and nutrition in medical school, says a study out of Griffith University in Australia and published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal. Globally, 11 million deaths annually are attributable to poor diet, making it the leading risk factor for death across the world. The 24 reviewed studies […]

Back In the Office

P.S. I’m going to be posting more videos going forward. Let me know what you think!

High Energy Girl Podcast Interview on Helping Women Age Stronger

Listen in on this fun conversation about helping women age stronger between myself and Registered Dietician Tracee Gluhaich on her “High Energy Girl” podcast! Tracee and I talk a lot about the benefits of eating whole food-based diets as well as how food sensitivities can cause inflammation, which can be the hidden cause of many […]