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Category: Living naturally

Inflammation and Health

Could inflammation be holding you back from reclaiming your health? Listen in to the Simply Jewel podcast as she and I discuss all the ways inflammation could be affecting you without you even knowing it!

Plant-Based Eating? What Does That Really Mean?

Doesn’t “plant-based eating” really mean “following a whole foods-based diet”? That’s the argument I made recently as a guest on “The Lisa Show” on BYUradio. In a nutshell, all life on this planet comes from the sun. The sun shines down on plants, the plants photosynthesize and grow, people and animals eat the plants and […]

The Holistic Health & Wellness Forum

Does this sound like you? I have spent days/years/decades searching for answers to help me reclaim my health. I have visited various medical specialists in my quest to feel better, but no one has the solution that works for me. I know there is something wrong with my body, but nothing I do seems to […]

Targeting “Bad Cholesterol” with Drugs Does Not Help Heart Health

Setting targets for ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol levels to ward off heart disease and death in those at risk might seem intuitive, but decades of research have failed to show any consistent benefit for this approach, reveals an analysis of the available data, published online in BMJ Evidence Based Medicine. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are now prescribed to […]