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Tag: flu

Clear Lungs and Sinus Naturally with a Nebulizer

Got a lingering cough that just won’t go away? Can’t breathe through your nose? Or even a wet, croupy cough with episodes of violent coughing that you can’t seem to stop? Try using a nebulizer and witness the healing magic of steam.

I have become a huge fan of my little nebulizer and am not sure how I survived without it. Use with a vial of hypertonic saline 7%, turn it on, and breathe. It’s that simple.

Hypertonic saline is salt water clean and pure enough to be safe for inhalation. Don’t use tap water or even bottled water in a nebulizer. Other things I like to use in my nebulizer are 3% hydrogen peroxide (the normal kind sold in any drugstore) for it’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties (yes, this is safe to do!), and sometimes a drop or two of essential oils of eucalyptus or frankensense. Eucalyptus has amazing lung-clearing powers and I often like to add a few drops to a hot bath, a vaporizer, or a diffuser.

Today I ran into someone with the lingering cough of long-haul syndrome, and a nebulizer was top on my list of recommendations! I think it is an essential item for the medicine cabinet in every home, and especially in homes with children. Using a nebulizer can replace medicinal cough syrups with questionable ingredients for sick kids without any risk of side effects. It is a safe way to help older adults clear fluids from their lungs at home as salt water (saline) draws excess fluid out of tissues gently.

Excellent for clearing cold and flu symptoms, surviving seasonal allergies, or even for shaking away brain fog, you may use a nebulizer multiple times daily or as needed. I have clients who use it every day after waking to help themselves breathe easily all day long without taking pharmaceuticals to suppress allergies.

You can order a nebulizer from my store here, or find one yourself. I recommend getting one that can charge through a USB cord rather than have to rely on batteries.

Have you tried using a nebulizer? Let me know in the comments below!

How Can I Stay Healthy This Winter?

Reader question:

I have had one flu shot as an adult, and got the flu twice that year. I work at a college, and am exposed to hundreds of (sick, young) people 5 days a week! I do my utmost to stay healthy, but last year I got REALLY sick several times (also family crisis played into that). Also rather terrified of getting shingles; to vax or not…  ~Susan W., New Hampshire
Susan- As a member of my Inflammation Influencer program and dedicating yourself to removing inflammation and healing your body, you are already moving down the right path toward warding off illnesses. Since more than 80% of our immune system is based in our gut — and that is a target of this program — we can hope that you will be in better shape this year to fight off whatever may come around.
Yet, colds and flu can take down even the most vigilant among us.
Here are my very best tips to help get you through the season comfortably.
I keep an arsenal of herbs, homeopathy, and other natural remedies around in case something gets past my hand-washing and shoes-off policies. I wrote about these extensively in my Kick a Cold series on my blog.
If I suspect it is flu, then Oscillo is the solution 90% of the time. Catching it early is key. If you search for “flu” in my blog  there are more than 20 pages of tips to avoid or kick out the flu.
There are even great homeopathic remedies for shingles/chicken pox. It would still suck, but not as bad.
That said, I am not a medical doctor and legally cannot advise you as to pharmaceuticals. What I can do is share my own thoughts and experiences and encourage you to make your own, educated decisions. Here are some thoughts I’ve had about the flu vaccine.
Here are my thoughts on vaccines in general.
Those in my Inflammation Influencer programs will have a step up in staying healthy this winter. Interested in checking it out? Grab a free Naturopathic Health Assessment to see if you are a good candidate for this program!

Avoiding the Flu

Avoiding the flu seems to be a popular topic these days, not surprising as flu has now been reported in almost every state!avoid getting the flu Today, Mile High Mamas, an entertaining and informative online resource for Colorado parents, re-posted my article on 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Getting the Flu.

Looking back at recent posts, I can see the flu has been on my mind as well:

• Homeopathic Flu Remedy: Oscillo

• 5 Things You Should Keep Clean To Avoid or Recover From the Flu

• Why You Should Close the Lid When You Flush

• Natural Sinus Remedies for Stuffy Noses and Colds

Next, I’ll be hitting the tv airwaves on CBS4 to talk about common sense ways to avoid getting the flu. I’ll let you know when it will air!

Avoid the flu… and flu shots!

I was pleased today to see Dr. Mercola’s advice for avoiding the flu… and the flu vaccination. I’ve been agonizing over whether to get a flu shot this year.

He suggests that the flu may be caused by a vitamin D deficiency since “flu season” comes during the winter months when sunlight is scarce. He recommends taking vitamin D supplements of levels up to

Here are the other “secrets” Dr. Mercola uses to keep the flu (and other illnesses) at bay:

Another useful supplement you could try, should you come down with a case of the flu, is olive leaf extract, which you can find in most any health food store.

Olive leaf extract has been found to be a potent broad-spectrum antiviral agent, active against all viruses tested, including numerous strains of influenza and para-influenza viruses.

Personally, I have found homeopathic Oscillococcinum to be quite effective against flu symptoms, and always keep some in my supplement drawer.