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Category: Multiple Sclerosis

Breastfeeding May Prevent Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

We know breastfeeding is good for babies, but did you know that it could help control multiple sclerosis, too? A new study found that half of the new mothers with MS in the study saw a decrease in relapses when breastfeeding. We already knew that the odds of having an MS exacerbation were low during […]

Kicking a Head Cold with Natural Remedies

A 40-hour anatomy of a head cold (or how to kick a head cold in 40 hours): Wednesday, 3:30pm Walking down the block to meet the school bus I notice that my head feels rather full in the sinus area. Uh-oh, I think. I race home and take 4 homeopathic Aconite after a Sinus Rinse. […]

“Good For You” Food Myths

Here are some foods that people think are good for them that are really anything but healthy. They’re not the only ones, of course, but perhaps they will surprise you. 1. Yogurt. I’m always surprised that people think of yogurt as a healthy food that’s helpful to eat if you want to lose weight. Our […]

Happy 2009!

2009 promises to be an exciting year! After 10 years of work, my newest cookbook arrives in stores nationwide in just a few days; I turn 40 in about a month; my husband and I will celebrate out 10th anniversary in July; and later this month will be the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis of […]

Strep Throat

My little girl has strep throat. You might never have guessed it, though, to look at her. She’s energetic, happy, has an appetite… in short, she doesn’t look sick. Except that her throat hurts on and off because her tonsils are massive. She was sent home from school about 10 days ago with a fever. […]