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Category: Multiple Sclerosis

Steamed about Sunscreen

Am I the only one who feels like every time I turn around I learn about some new threat to my health from a product I’ve felt safe with for years? Right now I feel this way about sunscreen. I already knew that the massive campaign to wear sunscreen has been so successful that many […]

Rainbow Chard Sauteed with Mushrooms

One of my goals with my garden this year is to use the gardening experience to get my kids excited about eating green leafy vegetables. They helped me select the seedlings, prepare the soil, and set the plants. They’ve helped me with the watering and have been excited to check the progress of growth. So […]

Guest blog on the Weighting Line

Check out my guest blog post today where I write about how my diagnosis of ms inspired me to invent a new cooking method at the Weighting Line, a weight-loss blog by Hope Wilcox. This is part of a contest she has going on all week where she’s giving away free stuff!

Keeping Cool in the Heat: Sun Tea and other solutions

Now that the temperature has started to seriously climb — summer seems to be coming a bit late this year — I look for ways to stay cool in the heat. Those of us with MS know that raising our core body temperature can not only slow us down, it can exacerbate existing MS symptoms. […]

The MS Recovery Diet

I firmly believe in the connection between what you eat and how you feel. It just makes sense that you can help your body function more efficiently and effectively if you give it the nutrition it needs. Ann Sawyer and Judith Bachrach agree with me. Their new book, The MS Recovery Diet, details how they […]