1. Lona Smith at |

    I saw your ad for your new cookbook and joined your site, then I ordered your cookbook and it’s on its way any day now. I don’t own a Le Creuset Dutch Oven, but am saving for one. Your bio above was very interesting as I’m also very interested in healthy cooking. My husband, David, was diagnosed with M.S. in ’85 and was sprayed with Agent Orange in Viet Nam; he was declared 100% disabled from V.A. and draws a disability check each month; he was forced to retire early from his K.D.O.T. job
    nine years ago. He uses a walker at home and gets in his wheelchair when we go out (mostly to our church). May God bless you in helping to make us all more healthy.

  2. Chrissy at |

    Hi, I just listened to your appearence on the Martha Stewart Radio show with Mario. I’m so excited and inspired. I have a Le Creuset “Dutch oven” and have never used it (14) years later. My MIL bought a complete set for me when I got married. They are so heavy to use that they are just tucked away in the back of the cabinet. I’m ordering your book after this post on Amazon and I’m pulling out the pot and may even run to the store to make the recipe you feature on your web site tonight! Thanks so much for your cooking wisdom!

  3. Abi at |

    BRAVA, Elizabeth! I love you, miss you, and look forward to hearing and reading about the next adventures in your life and career.

    Here’s to the strong daughters of our remarkable moms!

  4. Emily at |

    It’s been wonderful to be a part of your world this last decade (and before and after!) — you are an inspiration. One of my favorite toasts to you:

    Blessings upon your eyes and upon your children. Blessings on the ground beneath your feet. Wherever you walk, I go with you. Selah.


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