1. capt s c sood at |

    i have swear CHIILED HEAD during winters Have to Wear 4 Woollon Caps for that to avoid getting caught cold ? which Homoeopathic medicines i must take ITS Urgent

  2. […] Saturday I awoke with what I thought was a head cold: stuffy/runny nose, headache, fatigue, generally feeling lousy. Over the course of the day I took […]

  3. Carol at |

    Here’s my first line of defense: GARGLE with salt water- warm/to hot as you can comfortably. 3 times at least. Then, sniff up warm salt water (separate cup, of course.) Congestion will not expell immediately, but often this helps get out the germ, & lessen duration of virus. Take oscillococinnum after 15 minutes at least since it is homeopathic & needs to be taken 15 minutes away from food/drink.

    Taking Goldenseal / Echinacea herb in capsule or tincture form is good for ridding virus & bacteria. Take 3 – 6 capsules throughout the day. Take All your normal vitamins but especially lots of Vitamin C and D. Also, MSM. It helps your whole colon. Eat raw garlic and onions. You can eat this with cooked food, like scrambled eggs or salmon, of course, but make sure the garlic or onions remain raw (Chewing raw Onions is very potent for sinus relief).

    Eat no white flour, sugar, sweets, etc. You will do your body good.


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