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The Holistic Health & Wellness Forum

Does this sound like you?

  • I have spent days/years/decades searching for answers to help me reclaim my health.
  • I have visited various medical specialists in my quest to feel better, but no one has the solution that works for me.
  • I know there is something wrong with my body, but nothing I do seems to make it better.
  • I want to avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible.

You’re not alone! In fact, more than half of adults deal with physical or mental ailments that resist conventional medical treatments. Sometimes we just “learn to live with” feeling less than optimum so much of the time that we really may not even remember what it feels like to feel good inside our own body. 

…Or think it’s possible to live without physical or emotional pain anymore.

Where can a health and wellness seeker go to discover alternative therapies that may hold the key to unlocking your health?

As you may already know about me, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of finding solutions that work outside of the conventional medical model. Back in 1999, when I awoke that winter morning blind in my right eye, my quest for health began. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I learned that 80% of MS patients experienced significant disability within ten years of diagnosis. Staying out of a wheelchair became my motivating force.

The pharmaceutical medications offered by my MS doctors all had low efficacy combined with significant side effects. I had to question if the potential benefits would be worth the pain they caused. After several unpleasant years of constant side effects and continuing progression of the disease, I wondered if there might be a better way (or ways) that I could help myself manage my body and feel better.

Following my doctor’s advice was taking me closer to that wheelchair instead of toward a healthier and more robust future.

As it turned out, there was a whole world of modalities for healing and achieving health beyond the mainstream medical system that I had never heard about.

I looked and looked, and searched and searched, seeking out different modalities that could help me stay on top of the latest types of therapeutic healing, as well as fill in my knowledge of the lost healing and wellness traditions.

That was the motivation behind creating a hub for alternative health and wellness seekers, a place where other seekers could encounter innovative practitioners they may not have heard of before.

Not only to learn about new practices that could potentially change the course of a life, but to actually get a taste of the modality without a huge commitment.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity to empower ourselves by expanding our knowledge of personal healthcare, and I am excited to be a part of this movement to connect seekers of alternatives to the conventional medical system to teachers and healers with the knowledge, modalities, and therapies that they can access to heal themselves.

I am personally inviting you to join me at The Holistic Health & Wellness Forum this Saturday, April 17th at 10am Mountain Daylight Time. 

Even better, if you secure your spot before midnight on Thursday, April 15, 2021, and use Promo Code H3@LtH421 you’ll be able to take 50% off of the event registration!

Sign up now for The Holistic Health & Wellness Forum

Are you ready to take control of your health and learn what you can do to help yourself feel better? Isn’t it about time to take some action to secure your future?

Come and join us inside the revolution to reclaim control over our health and future!

I hope to see you on Saturday!

One Comment on “The Holistic Health & Wellness Forum

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