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Category: Multiple Sclerosis

Everything has changed for his multiple sclerosis…

… since we started working together a few months ago. Listen to my client, R.J., tell you in his own words the transformation he has experienced from going through my Inflammation Investigator program. Interested in learning more and seeing if this program could be the right fit for you to reclaim your health? Book a […]

Avoid Osteoporosis by Eating Prunes

A new study suggests daily prune consumption may reduce osteoporosis risk after menopause due to the phenomenal mineral content in prunes. An estimated 13.6 million people in the U.S. over the age of 50 will develop osteoporosis—a loss of bone strength caused by reduced mineral density of the bones—by the year 2030. Osteoporosis increases the […]

FUMS podcast

Listen to my story from mysterious symptoms to diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1999, and how it led me to a new understanding of autoimmunity and how to manage symptoms and disease. This is the full story, warts and all! I’ve heard from many who resonated with my tale! What does it bring up for […]

Should People With MS Consume Dairy Products?

“Studies indicate that MS rates are elevated in populations where a lot of cow’s milk is consumed,” notes professor of neuroanatomy and renowned expert on multiple sclerosis Stefanie Kürten from the Institute of Anatomy at University Hospital Bonn. And now her research has proven that the proteins in milk can trigger autoimmune responses in those […]

Could MS come from Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)?

Longitudinal analysis reveals high prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus associated with multiple sclerosis. Sound exciting? All of us living with MS, our caregivers, doctors, and researchers, would love to understand why some people become afflicted with multiple sclerosis while others don’t. Most people who become infected with EBV do not progress to MS. Of the ten […]