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Category: Multiple Sclerosis

Rebuilding My Health Radio: How I Fight MS with Food

Want to hear how I personally manage multiple sclerosis with food? And how clearing parasites took my health to the next level? I recently shared my story on the Rebuilding My Health Radio podcast. In the episode, you’ll hear… The natural steps I took to put multiple sclerosis into remission The role of diet in […]

Inflammation and Health

Could inflammation be holding you back from reclaiming your health? Listen in to the Simply Jewel podcast as she and I discuss all the ways inflammation could be affecting you without you even knowing it!

Restoring Innate Health podcast with Dr. Tressler

I’m excited to share my interview on the Restoring Innate Health podcast with Dr. Tressler. We discussed all the ways inflammation can be causing symptoms that could even be multiple sclerosis or another autoimmune issue. Listen on Apple, Spotify, or Restoring Innate Health’s website!

Could a Hidden Infection Be Affecting Your Mental Health?

Fascinating research on PANS and PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) suggests that hidden infection plays a role in many mental health issues. So far, the research has focused on bacterial streptocauccus infection, with treatment being longterm antibiotics. This approach brings its own side effect to the body’s immune system, digestive system, and microbiome and can […]

MS, T-Cells, and Food Sensitivities — a podcast

Listen in as I chat with MS counselor Matt Rowe about the T-cell response caused by certain foods (t-cell activation is thought to be the reason for the cause of brain lesions for patients with MS) in the Identity of Health Podcast. But first, I apologize if you’ve gotten strange or multiple emails from this […]