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The MS Recovery Diet

I firmly believe in the connection between what you eat and how you feel. It just makes sense that you can help your bodyThe MS Recovery Diet function more efficiently and effectively if you give it the nutrition it needs.

Ann Sawyer and Judith Bachrach agree with me. Their new book, The MS Recovery Diet, details how they each made amazing recoveries from severe debilitation from Multiple Sclerosis simply by changing what they ate.

I’m thrilled to see this book come out as I, too, have managed and controlled my MS by focusing my diet on whole foods, doing elimination diets to discover hidden food allergies, and in general trying to keep my body as clean and free of toxins and chemicals as possible by using only natural body-care and house-cleaning products. I only wish more MS doctors would appreciate the effect these efforts can have on the course of MS. As Ann and Judith witnessed, making changes like this can even REVERSE some of the distressing effects of MS.

There is hope for those of us with MS, and I believe changing your diet is an essential step.

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