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Category: Books

A Busy Cook’s Guide to Spices

This is one of my favorite reference books to have around: A Busy Cook’s Guide to Spices: How to Introduce New Flavors to Everyday Meals. Meticulously researched and invaluable when you’re looking to make substitutions or find a specific flavor, it makes a great addition to any foodie’s kitchen! <br />   <img src=”″ alt=”” […]

Colorado Healing Publishers

Still searching for the perfect gift? Check out this website for a wonderful collection of unique books for people of all types. Colorado Healing Publishers is a consortium of authors offering self-help, spiritual, nutritional, and other healing titles.

Naturally Healthy Kids

Hands down, the best primary resource I look to when I start assessing my kids’ health is the handbook published by our pediatric group. Naturally Healthy Kids is an A to Z guide for illness and wellness that integrates conventional and holistic treatments for common illnesses of children.  Written by a group of pediatricians with an avoidance toward […]

Kick a Cold — Garlic Tea

For booting unwanted invaders out of your body, there’s almost nothing better than Garlic Tea. Particularly when combined with a good sleep that gives the body a chance to heal. Garlic has long been known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties besides its qualities as an aromatic flavoring. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, […]

The Self-Hypnosis Diet

<br> Steven and Joy Gurgevitch have developed this fabulous technique for approaching weight loss by “changing unhealthy eating patterns and creating new and lasting behaviors while still having an enjoyable, fulfilling love affair with food.” It’s called: The Self-Hypnosis Diet: Use The Power Of Your Mind to Reach Your Perfect Weight. Finally. A diet that […]