The Self-Hypnosis Diet

Self-hypnosis diet book
Steven and Joy Gurgevitch have developed this fabulous technique for approaching weight loss by “changing unhealthy eating patterns and creating new and lasting behaviors while still having an enjoyable, fulfilling love affair with food.” It’s called: The Self-Hypnosis Diet: Use The Power Of Your Mind to Reach Your Perfect Weight.

Finally. A diet that makes some sense.

Joy, a behavioral nutritionist, explains her work in this radio interview:

“Behavioral Nutrition is a newly emerging area in the field of Nutrition. It uses simple and motivating activities which help people make wholesome food choices. I do “Food Tasting” in my office (yes, just like a “wine tasting”) of nutrient dense foods, (people can experiment with whole grains, such as kamut, brown rice, quinoa… more healthful sweeteners such as brown rice syrup, stevia…plant protein…. walnuts and pinons, tempeh,). In my work I teach my clients how to read Nutrition Facts labels and ingredient labels. I do “home visits” where together we do pantry purging, go shopping, and learn simple cooking techniques. It’s one thing to have all the good foods in the kitchen; it’s another thing to know how to put them together to make an easy, quick, delicious meal. Fast-to-Fix meals are a great alternative to fast food. All of these activities take the client from point A (which is wanting and/or needing to make changes in food choices) to point B (which is actually having these wholesome foods in their homes and on their plates). The concepts of eating well are very simple, but it is often not easy to incorporate those concepts into lifelong behaviors. And that is what Behavioral Nutrition does: It helps people create healthy lifelong food choices and turn those choices into delicious meals that they and their families and friends love.”

To which I say: Tell it like it is, sister! You are preaching to the choir.

To which Joy responded: “Notice the “fast-to-fix” portion….perfect for your Glorious One-Pot Meals!!”

And all I can say is: Amen.

May this next year be one of health and wisdom for us all. Happy cooking!

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