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Tag: homeopathic remedies

Remedies for Healing Broken Bones

My holiday weekend plans went awry when I stepped halfway off a curb while walking the dog. My toes went one way while my heel went the other, and I went down.

My kids like to say that gravity is not my friend.

And just that fast, I had an avulsion fracture of the fifth metatarsal.

As it happens, my line of work has taught me a few good remedies for pain management and bone healing.

As far as standard first aid, when I got home I propped my foot on pillows so that it was higher than my heart and I used ice packs on and off for the first few hours to combat the swelling that had started immediately.

Homeopathic Remedies for Injuries

The most important homeopathic remedy for any injury is always Arnica Montana to reduce the swelling and bruising. I started with a teaspoon of potency of 200C dissolved in water. I took a dose daily for the first three days after the break.

The best homeopathic remedy for knitting broken bones back together is Symphatum. I plan to take Symphatum 30C for the next week or two.

BEMER: The Best Pain Management Device. Ever

This European electra-ceutical device delivers rhythmic magnetic pulses that open up the capillary-level vessels to increase oxygen delivery to the cells while facilitating removal of waste products. I wrapped the pad around my foot and ran the 8-minute program at levels 8, 9, and 10 multiple times for acute therapeutic effects.

If I had needed any more convincing as to the benefits of the BEMER, relief from the pain of the break was quick and cumulative. No prescription drugs or their nasty side effects needed!

Within just a few days I’m already able to put some weight on that foot. Amazing speed healing, especially for a middle-aged person like myself!

Vitamin D

Moving forward, I’m also going to increase my Vitamin D to help the bone heal. Be sure to take vitamin D with some fat to help absorption!


For Relief from Back Pain, Try Arnica

Doesn’t it always go this way: you go through  an incredibly busy, stressful period in your life and then your body gives out and reminds you to slow down and taker care of yourself? That’s how I’m feeling about my back right now.

This fall has been an unending stream of physical and emotional demands and now my back muscles have been in spasms for almost two weeks. Beginning with the unexpected “freezer thaw” that challenged me to cook 100 lbs. of meat in one week and continuing with the basement flood and charity dance competition, my body has been working hard. That stress has been intensified by the emotional departure of my father-in-law from pneumonia and leukemia, followed a week later by my beloved uncle who had survived debilitating scleraderma for 8 years.

Our house has seen a lot of tears lately, and we miss them both. It feels too soon for my parents’ generation to begin dying off.

All of this stress has made me not feel like blogging much lately, but it’s the pain in my back from the muscle spasms that keeps the heating pad going all day long.

I had a therapeutic massage last week from my massage therapist, and it helped, but then I picked up a heavy bag and the agony started all over again.

Today, my sister reminded me that the last time this happened I found some relief by taking homeopathic arnica internally and also by rubbing arnica oil directly on the affected muscles. She was right: after just one dose of arnica, the muscle stopped spasming. The aching is still there, probably from the lactic acid build-up, but I will take another few doses over the course of the evening and will expect to have a better night tonight than last night.

I’m also going to get another massage, because, really, there is no substitute for hands-on work when it comes to tight muscles.

Sometimes everyone needs this kind of reminder to take care of themselves.  🙂

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies

The right homeopathic remedy can be the quickest and most effective curative for symptoms that you’ve ever seen work.

This time of year I dole out a lot of remedies for various conditions such as colds, coughs, stuffy noses, and flu. Additionally, I’ve been mixing up homeopathic anti-histimine and homeopathic anti-itching remedies to relieve allergic or hypersensitivity reactions brought on by exposure to irritants, unexplained rashes, and psoriasis. But homeopathy can be used for almost any condition.

You may have purchased a homeopathic remedy at the store that comes in little pellets, or you may have received a pre-mixed remedy in a dropper bottle.

While you may simply place 1-3 pellets underneath your tongue directly, it will be more effective to mix 1-3 pellets with 1-3 oz. of clean, filtered water. Avoid touching the pellets with your skin to keep them clean and pure. Stir until completely dissolved. Then place 1 teaspoonful of  the liquid underneath your tongue.

Regardless of whether you have a pre-mixed bottle or you have mixed it yourself in a glass, you will want to:
1. Avoid anything in your mouth (food or drink) for 5-15 minutes before and after taking the remedy.
2. Succuss (bang into your palm forcefully) the bottle 5 times before taking the remedy to activate the molecules, or stir your own mixture well. This step brings energy into the remedy.
3. Squeeze out any liquid from the dropper, then fill the dropper with the remedy. Or use a clean spoon that has not touched your mouth to administer the liquid.
4. Drop 7-10 drops underneath the tongue, taking care to maintain the hygiene of the dropper itself by not allowing it to touch anything. The exact number of drops or amount on the teaspoon does not matter.

For an acute reaction, you can dose every 15 minutes until you find some relief.

With homeopathy, you will notice relief from symptoms within ten minutes if it is the right remedy. If it is not the right remedy, nothing will happen either way. It will never make your symptoms worse. Do not continue to take the remedy that day if you are not seeing improvement after the first dose, and especially after the second dose. Cease taking the remedy upon resolution of symptoms.

Keep the bottle away from computers, microwaves, cell phones, etc. that emit waves. If you travel with it, it’s ok to send it through the x-ray machine but better not to bring it in the full body scanner with you. The bottle is 1 oz and ok to carry on.

Homeopathic remedies should not be taken regularly; only when indicated by symptoms. If you find the remedy does not alleviate any symptoms, it is not the right remedy for this problem.

If you think a homeopathic remedy might help alleviate your discomfort, contact me for a free evaluation and homeopathic remedy recommendation.

Natural Remedies for Strains and Sprains

Last week I sprained my ankle during Jazzercise. It was a bonehead move as I was chatting with a friend while moving along with the class, and I went up and came down with my ankle twisted around the wrong way. Ouch!

SprainedAnkle2009I had to be helped off the floor and hobbled over to the back with an ice pack for about 10 minutes. Then, I went back into class, albeit gently, which was probably not the smartest move, but I still had range of motion and I figured it was better than letting it stiffen up.

By the time I slowed down again in my day — after I got dinner on the table and my husband asked me how it was feeling, forcing me to stop and actually take a look at it — my ankle had swollen up to the size of a baseball. Oops.

Funny how I had been moving so quickly during my day that I hadn’t thought about it beyond the hassle of limping, but once I got a look at it my stomach started turning and I had to go lie down and put the foot up. It appeared I had strained a ligament pretty well. The power of mind over matter.

Homeopathic Arnica

At this point, it was time to start treating it seriously.Hyland’s Arnica Montana, 30X, Tablets, 250 tablets (Pack of 3) “>

I took a dose of homeopathic Arnica Montana for muscle bruising and swelling and a dose of homeopathic Ruta Graveolens to support the ligament itself. I also coated the area with Arnica Gel

Then I wrapped the whole thing in a castor oil-soaked flannel and a low heating pad to help it soak in. Castor oil can help pull swelling out and speed healing.

By the next morning the swelling had gone down dramatically and I’ve been walking around on it for a week now with steady improvement. I’ve stayed away from heels (a hard one for me these days — seems like all of my shoes (or at least all of my cute shoes!) have very high heels. The challenge of being a short person, I guess!), and high-impact aerobic activity, though I did do a pilates class on Saturday.

The ankle still feels tender and I know that it could strain again very easily, so even though I’m headed to Jazzercise this morning (staying away for a week is enough already! I’m jonesing to dance and move!), I’m planning to keep it low impact and watch the twisting. Wish me luck!