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Introducing the BEMER

(Click here to go directly to the interactive presentation!)

Imagine what could improve in your body if it received increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients? Now add better elimination of waste products such as carbon dioxide and consider what that could do for your cells.

Would you have more energy? Would you feel stronger? Do you think you would sleep better with more oxygen? Would you think more clearly? Could more oxygen lead to a general sense of well being and health?

BEMER, or Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation, a Level 1 FDA-Approved Medical Device, is at the forefront of the coming wave of “electro-ceuticals”, or machines that work to support health by adjusting our body’s electromagnetic fields. We are electrical beings dependent upon electrical impulses, or synapses, to bring our tissues to life and the human body functions best when it pulses to a certain rhythm. In effect, BEMER plays the song the body wants to sing. All it takes are eight minutes on the mat twice a day.

BEMER has sold more than one million units in Europe and 47 other countries over the last twenty years, but it has only recently come to America.

BEMER is designed to improve circulation and increase blood flow into the capillary beds. The capillaries make up a huge network of extremely small blood vessels in our body, some of which are four times thinner than a strand of hair. These beds of small vessels surround all organs and tissues in the body and are vital to cellular function.  It has been proven so effective, with 15 years of published scientific studies in, that NASA is incorporating the technology into the next generation of space suits.

In a nutshell, BEMER brings in the groceries (oxygen and nutrients) and takes out the trash (waste products).

So now we have to wonder: What wouldn’t be helped from more oxygen and nutrients and better elimination of waste?

Want to know more about this revolutionary technology?

Start here, then watch this video.  Click here to go directly to the interactive presentation.

Don’t hesitate to Ask me any questions!