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Popcorn: a perfect snack

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 I love popcorn. When faced with a freshly-made bowl, I can never stop myself from cramming large handfuls at a time in my mouth, as if someone will take it away before I’m finished. This…

Cream-free Creamy Squash Soup

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I was faced with three large crookneck squashes (see what they looked like in my post for Zucchini soup). My creamy butternut squash soup recipe beckoned. But wait: these were not butternut squash. Would crookneck…

Avocado-Tomato Salad

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One of my weight-loss/weight-management/healthy eating secrets is my lunchtime salad ritual. Like many people, my weight fluctuates, especially when I lapse into poor eating habits and end up eating too many processed foods. Yes, I…