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Category: Recommended Products

Are Glorious One-Pot Meals Safe for Kidney Patients?

Reader question: I was going to order the one pot meal book, but my husband was diagnosed with kidney disease.  Do you think some of recipes would be ok for him, just not add salt?  I was at the NMO meeting in L.A. and heard you speak. ~Anita D., Mobile, Alabama Hi Anita! Thank you so much for […]

Sea Salt Is Better Than Table Salt for Sodium-Restricted Diets

Sea salt is better balanced for our bodies and may not cause swelling or tax the body like mined table salt or the added sodium in processed foods will. Sea salt is a live mineral from the get-go as part of the nutrient-rich environment of seawater that is activated by absorbing the sun’s life-giving energy during evaporation. […]

Non-Toxic Easter Egg Dye

While I love the craft of coloring eggs, I hate using petroleum-based food dyes and colors with eggs we’d like to eventually eat. So I was excited to find Natural Egg Dye from the makers of Natural Earth Paint at Whole Foods today. I’ve experimented with making homemade egg dyes out of ingredients like blueberries […]

What You Might See From a Parasite Cleanse

Spoiler alert: If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to view the pictures in this post. Following are some photos sent by my clients of parasites they have found from doing an herbal parasite cleanse and/or a bentonite clay protocol: Of course, not all parasites are visible to the human eye or […]

Remedies for Lingering Crud from a Cold

I hear a lot of people have been suffering this winter from colds that stay and stay. I hear about stuffy or running noses, annoying coughs, and general exhaustion. My recommendations for knocking this virus out of the body are simple: Garlic tea and vitamins D and C. Garlic Tea Garlic tea has an amazing […]