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Category: Recommended Products

Additive-free Cooking Spray Oils

I used to love using spray-cans of cooking oils because they were so easy and convenient, and they spread the oil so evenly over the surface. In fact, during the years I was developing recipes for my cookbook I couldn’t have imagined cooking without an aerosol spray can of cooking oil with which to lubricate my […]

Treat Hay Fever Symptoms Naturally

Spring has sprung early here and plants are budding, which means pollen is in the air and wreaking havoc in people’s sinus passages. Migraines, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy mouth, foggy brain, fatigue… all of these symptoms and more can be triggered by airborne pollens in sensitive people. It can be hard to even […]

Substitutes for Canola Oil

Reader question: After watching your TED talk and learning more about GMOs, I’m wondering: Do we stop using canola oil entirely, or just switch to organic, non-gmo canola? I don’t fry (because I’m too lazy to clean up), but I do use canola oil in baking, as I don’t use butter or any milk products. For […]

Gluten-free Organic Red Lentil Pasta

I saw a new product at the natural health grocery store the other day and couldn’t wait to try it: Tolerant Foods’ Organic Red Lentil Rotini. Since Non-GMO organic red lentils are the sole ingredient, this pasta is grain-free as well as wheat-free. Last night I cooked the pasta in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, then […]

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil

Believe it or not, all coconut oils are not the same. Some are heat extracted, some contain pesticide residue, and some are actually adulterated with other oils. It’s a buyer beware situation. Skinny & Co Coconut Oil, on the other hand, is a small batch, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil, made with nothing but 100% pure, […]